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Don’t hurt your ears!

The health of your ears also depends on your habits, and there are actions you need to stop immediately to avoid causing damage in the long run.

In order not to risk damaging your eardrum, avoid cleaning your ears with your fingers or with wax cones and also with the classic cotton swab.
With these old and not always effective systems, there is a risk of pushing the earwax inside the eardrum making it more difficult to remove, continuing to have always dirty ears.
When you get to the point where you start to experience abnormalities in your hearing, such as pain or a more difficult feeling of hearing, you have to resort to an expensive medical examination to solve the problem.

Get in, Wheel and Pull!

We developed Bluear for you and your family.
Insert it into your ear , without fear of getting hurt thanks to its soft silicone material, make it do a couple of laps with your fingers and pull out all the wax in a moment. Then it washes the head with a little water and is ready to be reused thousands and thousands of times.
In addition, thanks to the 16 cartridges supplied, you can choose to take even one Bluear and each member of the family will use its own cartridge.


Bluear is just one and is created especially for you!




  • Material: ABS + silicone
  • Dimensions: 126x15x15mm
  • Color: blue and white
  • Weight: 45.00g

    What is included?

    • 1 x Bluear cleaner
    • 16 x Washable and interchangeable heads
    • 14 x Days Guarantee Satisfied or Refunded


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